Monday, March 13, 2017

Heera Gold Lying in Business



In her speech Ms. Nowhera Shaikh says that her father advised her not to lie in business. She opens a ‎service office called “Heera Hajj Umrah services” and conducts an extravagant grand opening ceremony ‎for the same. ‎

In this opening ceremony she says that Allah knows that the Hajj Umrah service office she stared is only ‎to help haajees not to make money. ‎

How a God-fearing woman can say this, when she has intentionally organized this Hajj Umrah grand ‎opening ceremony mainly to attract potential investors to the Company? ‎

Major part of her speech in 3 episodes are mainly concentrated in self-admiring and admiring the ‎company that will be able to payout the profit to the investors till the morning of resurrection if Allah ‎will. ‎

Watch it out there are some lesson to learn only for believers. ‎


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